The Inflation Hedge — Bitcoin


Historical Bitcoin monthly price on a logarithmic scale for pictorial purposes
Absolute price movement

WE’RE CLOSER TO 100K than to 0!!! 😊

Anywho, let’s look at the news of BTC in further detail:

Ref: Twitter

· Elon Musk

· Jack Dorsey

· Kevin O’Leary

· Tim Cook

· Paul Tudor Jones

· Ray Dalio

· Peter Thiel

· Michael Saylor

· Raoul Pal

· Winklevoss Twins

These billionaires are expanding their investment portfolio with BTC — you decide whether you want to jump in to swim with the whales.

Ref: Trading Economics
Ref: Shadow Govt Stats
Quick model I built to depict the rate at which we are being robbed!

Just some perspective — we are well above 7% inflation year on year, so the worst case scenario if everything remains ceterus paribus, $1 million today may be worth HALF in 9 years time — let that settle in!

iii) BTC vs Gold vs S&P 500

Ref: CryptoQuant

Bitcoin is here to stay, regardless of all the FUD and regulations. In fact, I welcome regulation! It’s the only way larger institutions will be able to invest into Bitcoin! Regardless of Bitcoin’s halving cycles and the proverbial bull run every 4 years, Bitcoin is and will always be coded to rise as inflation and time rises. Now that being said, there is always that 1% chance that Bitcoin goes to 0 and cryptocurrency is a thing of the past but, as with the internet and as with any new technology, fads come and go but the strong remain; I’d be willing to bet that Bitcoin will always be one of the strongest horses.

I’ll post a second series regarding the technical of Bitcoin as to not clog this post up, but until then, thanks for reading and have a great day all!



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